March 2, 2024
Success by Design Overview and Objectives


"Based on thousands of real-world customer projects, Success by Design is the sum of our (Microsoft's) Dynamics 365 implementation experience. It offers topic-specific reviews and prescriptive guidance (approaches and recommended practices), which provide a reliable path to project success. Success by Design is intended to be used by Dynamics 365 system integrators, independent software vendors (ISVs), and customers as a means to better architect, build, test, and deploy Dynamics 365 solutions. For our customers, Microsoft recognizes that Success by Design doesn’t guarantee implementation outcomes, but we’re confident that it will help you achieve your project’s goals while enabling the desired digital transformation for your organization. For our partners, Microsoft is confident that Success by Design, coupled with your implementation methodology and skilled resources, will increase your team’s effectiveness in delivering successful Dynamics 365 projects to your customers."


"Success by Design is prescriptive guidance (approaches and recommended practices) for successfully architecting, building, testing, and deploying Dynamics 365 solutions. Success by Design is informed by the experience of Microsoft’s FastTrack program, which has helped our customers and partners deliver thousands of Microsoft’s most complex Dynamics 365 cloud deployments.

Success by Design reviews are exercises in reflection, discovery (observation), and alignment (matching to known patterns) that project teams can use to assess whether their implementation project is following recommended patterns and practices. Reviews also allow project teams to identify (and address) issues and risks that may derail the project. Success by Design should be used as an adjunct to the project team’s chosen implementation methodology for the following benefits:

▪ Reduced risk due to early detection of problems
▪ Alignment to recommended practices

The result is a roadmap aligned solution architecture that is performant, scalable, and future-proof. Acknowledging the possibility that feature deprecations or other changes to product roadmap in compliance with Microsoft policy may occur."