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February 5, 2024


D365 10.0.37 Bug Fixes


January 25, 2024

Click here to read the Microsoft D365 2024 Release Plan - Wave 1 Overview


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At last! Our 30 year old doctrine of "Creating an environment that is condusive to failure" has finally been understood and has been adopted by Microsoft. Please read below.

As Microsoft says: "Embrace DevOps and automation"

"Traditionally, the process to manually release a change to applications was convoluted, involving several teams, change boards, manual regression tests, and approvals. It took weeks. This complexity makes teams averse to change.

Enhancements and updates are then consistently deferred, which affects the adaptability of your applications to shifting business and technology priorities. Automating builds and releases and building in testing automation is crucial to allow for continuous software updates. The biggest selling point of the cloud is to stay current and quickly deploy software. Relying on manual testing to validate cloud software updates can place a significant drain on your teamís resources and may lead to inconsistencies if testing is neglected. Traditionally, a time lag existed between code and test and deploy. A bug in production meant repeating the lengthy cycle.

The fear of breaking code meant that teams tended to delay updates for as long as possible. With automation, you deploy fast and potentially fail fast. This is where the culture of fail fast comes in. Automated processes help companies empower their teams to take risks. You fail but quickly release a fix. Over time failures decrease and success rates improve, instilling confidence in teams to deploy and innovate and delivering to the business faster. More to come!

How are you managing your projects design, deliverables and implementation partner activites? You do have choices!

Microsoft Sure Step compared to FastTrack and the Success by Design framework.

There are always choices when implementing ERP solutions. Implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is no exception. Two of the most common Microsoft options would be to use their Sure Step Methodology (older, water fall oriented but proven methodology) or the current recommended 'cloud' implementation frame work, FastTrack and the Success by Design framework.


Your choice should be based on the attributes of your organization. Both can result in a successful implementation but because of it's more 'agile' approach, FastTrack will provide functional results much quicker that SureStep even if you use the Rapid or Agile paths in SureStep. Both have advantages and disadvantages. To read a  high-level summary of these differences and when it might be appropriate to select a particular approach, Please click here!


Click here to read the Microsoft D365 2024 Release Plan - Wave 1 Overview


We have experience working in a wide variety of industries all across the globe! These include:

Technology IndustryBio-Defense IndustryManufacturing IndustryUtilities Industry

1. Resource Companies (Oil & Gas; Mining; Forestry)

2. Bio-Defense (Life Sciences)

3. Manufacturing

4. Telecommunications

5. Retail

6. Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government Agencies

7. Technology/Software Development Companies

HighRoad Technologies

Whether we have been tasked with implementing a new ERP Solution, developing a communications strategy, setting up a Project Management Office, Managing an IT Project or Developing Data or Process Models, we have completed all of our assignments 'On Time' and 'Within Budget'. 

For more detailed information on the services we provide, please refer to the individual service pages on this web site.

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